March 18, 2016

Tatum Games | Heroes vs Villains: Rise of Nervo Press Release

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Tatum Games | Heroes vs Villains: Rise of Nervo Kickstarter

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – March 18, 2016 – PRLog — Tatum Games, LLC is a developer and publisher of mobile games. Tatum Games also offers as a service a portal and social network platform for other gaming companies and developers. We have our Kickstarter coming soon to achieve our goal to finish development and architecture for a new era of collaborative mobile gaming. Join us now in the fight against “Heroes vs Villains: The Rise of Nervo”. You can find more information on or all our press releases at

Our approach to developing our gaming products is to collaborate with our fans and the gaming communities. One of the most important attributes in our Core Values is “Understanding”, meaning that we listen and work closely with our customers and the communities to ensure we understand their needs.

Tatum Games will become the first gaming company that architectures mobile gaming products in a way that allows the fans to create and provide the majority of the gaming content. This adaptive, dynamic model for developing games will become industry standard. Tatum Games will be founder and at the forefront for developing products based on this model.

Heroes Vs Villains is the first multiplayer based collectible card game. There are three huge components that set Heroes Vs Villains apart from other collectible card games.

1 – Fair Yet Higher Competition: Although users can elect to play independently, this product is geared towards collaborative gameplay. Guild raids, guild wars, and global events are all meant to be played in groups where points earned by members of the group are pooled together to determine rewards and successfulness of completing goals. Traditionally there is no group component in collectible card games.

2 – Interaction: Because of the group component added to Heroes Vs Villains there is a need to communicate within the product. There are two chatting systems in this product, one is centric to your guild and the other is a world chat where everyone playing the game can speak with one another. Additionally, users can communicate across products through the PLAY SDK, which further adds another level of communication.

3 – Tournaments: There are PvP seasons where participants have the chance to fight against one another to claim top rank. This is also an opportunity to set up competition venues such as what Blizzard does for World of Warcraft or what Riot does for League of Legends.

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